Is Applied Buddhism a new division of Buddhism?

respected sir,

now a  days i am studing  buddhist studies . reading a book i became to know that  there is a new division of buddhism , i.e. applied buddhism. please tell me abot briefly on that matter.

thanking you,
yours sincerely,
pransankar majumdar.


Dear Dhamma Follower,

Applied Buddhism is not a new division of Buddhism. As with terms that have recently become popular (such as Thich Nhat Hahn’s “engaged Buddhism”), terms like “applied” have a universal application.

In engaged Buddhism the stress is that Buddhism should not be passive. It should be a motivational force for changing our environment. Those who do charity work, work towards world peace,  and strive to improve our conditions in life are all “engaged” with the world around us. For many years, the 19th and 20th century view of Buddhism was that it was something to be done passively. The good that was done by Buddhists was done on a personal level and its ripples were like rain drops on a pond or lake. The engaged Buddhist movement was not a call to any tradition but to all Buddhist to be like a boulder creating as big an effect on the world around us as possible.

Applied Buddhism is just another term that I take to mean something slightly different. The transformations made while in temple or in meditation are seen in the gradual evolution of who we are and who we become as Buddhist. However, all that is learned and developed should be seen as tool to use and “apply” in ever moment. The introspection and insight of meditation can be applied to being more mindful and aware of the world around us. The practice of precepts should create skillfulness and wisdom in daily challenges. The lessons of the Buddha should be our guides in every minute of every day.

All Buddhists should be engaged actively to transform the world around us, and apply the lessons taught into practical daily application.

Namo Buddhaya,



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Born Joshua Hudson, Reverend Sumitta (his ordained name) finished a twenty-year career as a military photo-journalist, and became a Licensed Social Worker with continuing studies in Mental Health, Healthcare Advocate, and Buddhist Minister. Currently, he works as the Director of Psychological Health and Primary Prevention of Violence for the U.S. Air Force. Previously, he served as the healthcare patient advocate for the Veterans Healthcare Administration, and is a License Clinical Social Worker, with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh, working as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor, public speaker, trainer and personal/family advisor. His dharma name "Sumitta," which translates to "Good Friend" in Pali.


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One Comment on “Is Applied Buddhism a new division of Buddhism?”

  1. February 24, 2011 at 1:40 am #

    I like this post. I think it s hard to meditate, increase one’s awareness and not become more compassionate and engaged. Nice.

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