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Freud and Buddha


Over the years , as a Buddhist practitioner and minister; as well as a Licensed Social Worker; I have been very disheartened when I hear people talk about “Buddhist Therapy.” It is because it is never Buddhist AND therapy. When I read the literature over the years, I have seen many great Buddhist scholars talk about […]

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Originally posted on Name Calling, Insults and Teasing:
You get a phone call and discover the person you have fallen in love with has decided to end the relationship. An event is coming up and each time you think about this, you experience waves and waves of fear. Some big kids at school teased you…

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Memory, Mindfulness, and Buddhism

     Last Sunday, we (at the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center) had a great opportunity to meet and learn from Dr. Bhikkhuni Kusuma, a senior Buddhist nun from Sri Lanka. Everybody who came to this event enjoyed her engaging sermon and meditation. Moreover, everybody was impressed to see her energy at the age of 84 to disseminate […]

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