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Name Calling, Insults and Teasing

You get a phone call and discover the person you have fallen in love with has decided to end the relationship.

Eugene 2

An event is coming up and each time you think about this, you experience waves and waves of fear.

fear1Some big kids at school teased you in front of your friends and when you get home you find yourself vividly recalling, over and over again, what happened.  These images are accompanied by gripping, gut-wrenching feelings of embarrassment.

fear3Americans typically use three approaches when they are faced with such experiences.  Let’s take a quick look at them, and then consider three very different approaches that are free and backed by research effectiveness studies.

Three Typical American Approaches to Deal With Emotional Pain

1.  Drinking alcohol or taking pills.

drinking Here we see a man who is using the drinking approach, and he ends up falling into the great sea of turmoil.

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Joshua Hudson is a license clinical social worker with post graduate certificates in mental health. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he has worked as an healthcare advocate for the Department of Veteran Affairs, Director of Psychological Health for the Air Force, in-patient counselor for inpatient adolescents, child and family therapist; and currently is a Prevention Interventionist for the Air Force creating programs to reduce interpersonal and self-directed violence (e.g. Sexual assault, suicide, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc.) in the military


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