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Happiness is Mind-made

We all experience moments of grief, loss, and regret. It is natural. What is important is that we do not continue to let it fester, like a man who continually pulls at the stitch of a mended wound.

Life is impermanent, and we should embrace the fact that our lives are limited making each moment we have in the world extremely precious. So we must refocus our energy to using our time wisely and putting value where it is most useful to our real happiness.

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Buddhism and Putting an Animal To Sleep

What most people fail to note is that there are always two sides to the precepts, just as there are two sides to a blade. As we take on the precept and affirmation to do no harm or killing— we often forget that it is also a precept to develop compassion.

So when making a decision of such importance ask which decision is the most compassionate. When putting the animal to sleep– what is your motivation? Convenience or compassion? Meditate on the decision and be honest within your heart: you will know the answer.

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Quarrels Destroy Happiness

The Calm

Be mindful when the feelings arise where our feet plan firmly in the ground and our minds harden to defend a viewpoint. These are potential signs that the usually mean that we close our minds and hearts to what is really of value.

Our lives are finite and temporary, embrace the time that we have and engage with life fully as if time were limited—because it is.

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Is It Wrong To Have Goals In Buddhism?

Hi VagabondSumitta,

Good afternoon. I have admired your posts for some time. 🙂

I’d like to ask you a question regarding Buddhism. Is it wrong or “unskillful” to practice Buddhism and have goals? Is it an unskillful mentality to work towards a goal? Or, maybe it is OK if you are unattached to the result?

I am going through some changes in my life and would like to know if it is “un-Buddhist” to start being more goal-directed.

Thank you for your time and your posts.

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