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The Story Of A Certain Monk (Dhammapada)

THE MIND IS VERY HARD TO SEE…. This instruction was given by the Teacher while he was in residence at Jetavana with reference to a certain discontented monk. We are told that while the Teacher was in residence at Sāvatthī, a certain treasurer’s son approached an elder who resorted to his house for alms and […]

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The Wise Protect Themselves

One of the easiest ways to create our own island of high ground is to start “pushin’ the cushion.” Through daily meditation we are able to develop that concentration and awareness to rise above the floods of worldly sensual desires– or at least enough high ground to see the nature of those desires and navigate our lives more mindfully.

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Lust and the Undeveloped Mind

Coming from an unenlightened place, the Buddha has shown in the story of Nanda, we must motivate ourselves to put for the effort to better ourselves. If the motivation is something as unwholesome as sensual lust or noble as enlightenment, we must remember that these are the motivations from our starting point.

As we progress along the Middle Path, our minds become stronger and wiser. The motivations will become more wholesome. As our mind, like the leaking roof, lets in desires at the beginning; diligent practice and study will shore up and secure the mind from temptations.

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